Born in Buenos Aires, Florencia Cairo moved to live in Europe 30 years ago. Inspired not only by the memory of her native vast open spaces, stretching as far as the eye can see, but also by the journeys she has ‘shared’ with the great, indomitable female explorers, landscape has always been a constant in her work.

She has a profound conviction that art can and should be seen as a powerful medium for the preservation of nature.

‘My work derives from a natural desire to paint the elusive dance of life.’

Her poetic thinking is reflected in her earlier, more monochrome palette. Her more recent works reveal a stronger, more colourful outline, in which the brush criss-crosses balance with conflict, fragility with force.

Her remarkable handling of the underlying subtleties of colour are key to understanding her painting. Unlimited by any strictures, her works demonstrate the fluidity of life.

Influenced by the rolling landscapes of her youth, her work fluctuates between the figurative and the abstract expressionist.

Water, her never-ending source of inspiration, represents not only the challenge of evolution but also her own very real concern for the future. Odes to nature, her free-flowing paintings explore the character of water, taking the viewer on an aesthetic journey. Its mysterious alchemy of colour and movement reveals not only its transparency but also the reflections of light.

Her paintings take the viewer on a journey of exploration to appreciate better the complex nature of our world and our place in it.

Cairo’s paintings gently disturb the viewer, giving them the impression that they are looking through slightly distorted waters

Untrammelled by any aesthetic constraint, her subtle work embraces the blossoming joy of its search.

Photo – @littlewingphotos

Florencia Cairo – photo @littlewingphotos