About Florencia Cairo

Florencia Cairo was born in Argentina in 1972, and studied at the Facultad de Bellas Artes, at the Universad Nacional de La Plata in Buenos Aires. She moved to Europe in 1992, where she began her career as a chef, food–stylist and set–designer living and working in Geneva, London and Paris.

Persevering, she has treasured every aspect of her multifaceted and eclectic early career as a means to nurture and develop her creativity.

More recently in the South West of France, Cairo embarked upon a huge personal project. It involved reviving a pile of rubble to transform it into her home. The weight and masculinity of each element: steel, oak, concrete and stone balance the fragility of glass... Ode to Nature follows the same sensitivity which she applies to her chosen medium of painting.

Cairo’s influences lie primarily with the raw material of life, inspired by chance, and the underlying subtleties of creating and handling paint arise despite her will. The monochrome palette reflects the understated beauty of her work and a desire to speak about the influences of pure forms.

The freedom of interpretation in her works involves a vital paring down of the image: bare, exposed, and uncompromising. It is fiercely driven by a need to communicate her intention to return to basics and her creative philosophy of opposites.

Strength versus fragility… Nothing more, nothing less.

January 2015 [ Français ]

 Cairo Florencia